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"Who Do You Want to Look Like?"

Model Athlete Bodybuilder

The answer to this question will have a dramatic impact on how you train and eat every day to achieve your goal. So it is important that you take some time to consider the pros and cons of each physique and make the right decision for you.

And after you make that decision I am going to show you exactly how to build the body you want. If you are serious about changing your body then you are going to want to read this.

Maybe all of the above physiques seem like a far off dream to you right now. If you are carrying around some extra fat and no muscle mass to speak of then you might be satisfied with just looking like the model. And there is nothing wrong with that as an initial goal.

Anything is better than this

But I don't believe you should set your goals too low. This only limits your potential. The people who make big changes in their bodies and in their lives often set seemingly impossible goals. And this works because difficult goals are very motivating. Just think, which goal motivates you more:

I am going to gain 2 pounds of muscle.


I am going to gain 20 pounds of muscle.

The first goal isn't too exciting is it? Sure, it will be pretty easy to accomplish, but will your body really look any different? Now just imagine if you packed on 20 pounds of muscle. That would be a huge change, and something that you would be very motivated to accomplish.

The lesson here is not to settle for just "good enough". You are capable of much more than you think. It's your mind that is holding you back. Your ultimate goal should always be to achieve what you really want, not just what you believe is possible. It's time to change your expectations!

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